Get your takeaways taken away - Join the WantitDelivered scheme

Its not fair that despite most other restaurants offering a takeaway menu, only Dominoes deliver to your customers. This means that on a daily basis, customers stuck at home are opting to order pizza instead of the Burger King or Nando’s they truly crave.


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launching October 2010


We are offering the opportunity to local takeaway businesses and restaurants to join the WiD scheme. Having a third party delivery service would enable your restaurant to reach customers unable to visit your shop, and extend capacity at busy business hours. You would also get exposure to a wider clientele within the wider Oxford area. We would also be covering larger orders for regular society events, or college JCR meetings that traditionally only ever have pizza delivered.

You would of course have access to the two main student mailing lists (of Oxford University Student Union and Oxford Brookes Student Union) and university noticeboards as well as other townspeople in the Botley, Headington, Cowley, Summertown and Jericho area (via our Oxford City contacts). Our delivery radius is 3 miles from city centre and we are looking at having a delivery time of under 25 minutes (from order booking to customer door) between the hours of 6pm and 11pm.

In terms of joining the scheme, there are two actions

  1. For a small monthly fee, WiD would include your takeaway menu (or other promotional material) in every delivery drop for the month. This would mean targeting customers who wouldn’t normally order from your restaurant, or are unaware of your existence or takeaway menu/service. You would also be marketed on club flyers for big events within the Oxford area that we partner with. We would also monitor how many orders we receive for your restaurant over the month and would give you reports with summary statistics on feedback, timing and the value of each order.

  2. We would ask for a percentage of each order cost, in the form of a discount for orders booked by us. This would be our ‘finders’ fee and there would be no extra effort or provisions needed from you. You will also be offered summary stats for each month, depending on the percentage of each order negotiated.

For more details or further enquiries, e-mail WiD@aandmconsult.com or call A-Marie on 07835154289 and we'll give you a call back.

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