About Us

avis (m) [/a.vi/]

- n. experienced opinion, view, thought, point, way of thinking; advice; notice

Our Director Anne-Marie

People are always having crazy business ideas. More often than not, they don't act on them: either for lack of funding, lack of confidence or lack of potential. Avisami Ltd has been set up as a result of some crazy, but sound business ideas and a lot of ambition, with the aim of bringing these ideas to fruition and making a difference at the same time.

Avisami has been set up as a collective of people working on business ideas and creating opportunities for other people to work and implement their own ideas. Avisami is open to advisors and other young people who want to get involved, so get in touch if the idea interests you. We are self-funded, but open to investors as and when the time comes.

A-Marie I, Founder & Director

A-Marie has always been interested in business, Maths and technology. Her rather unique set of achievements include holding the current world record for the youngest girl ever to pass A-level computing, being a BCS Business Analyst of the year finalist, being named on a recent list of top UK Future Leaders and being one of the youngest to be awarded a Masters' degree in Mathematics and Computer Science by the University of Oxford, aged 20.
Being lead project manager and Director at Avisami means that she is able to apply her interests in design and web solutions for fellow SMEs. A dab hand in Photoshop, she also leads work on the web graphics front. Anne-Marie said: 'Avisami is going to be fun; the fun has already started with A&M Consult'.
Previous work at Goldman Sachs, Hewlett-Packard, Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers means she brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her innovative approach to problems and innate desire to serve others continue to generate business ideas for Avisami - including the upcoming AdFan and near complete WantItDelivered delivery service.


Carl Hazeley, Director

"Show me an idea and I will show you how to make it work," has always been Carl's business motto. Carl has been the driving force behind a number of successful events at UCL, where he achieved his BSc (Hons) in Genetics.

Not shy of getting to grips with the business world and global markets, Carl has experience working in central government, in the Dept. for Business, Innovation and Skills and in a leading worldwide investment bank.

Carl specializes in social network profiling, an area drawing on his technical skills, business acumen and market knowledge - helping business' reach the target audience in the right way, every way, through the powerful use of social networks.

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