How to get involved

We are a young dynamic company, looking for new entrepreneurial people to join our ever expanding team. We're aware of the need for experience when looking for work, or trying to build a career so are always looking to take on enthusiastic people who would like to make a difference and get involved with something new. If you're interested, e-mail with your CV attached and a few (50 or so) words on why you think you would be a good match for Avisami.Avisami team

We're looking for co-ordinators, salespeople, tech guys, delivery people and content writers to join our collective, who will initially be working on a commission basis, with a view to filling permanent roles after a probation period. Work will be based in London, though we are open to people elsewhere who will be able to come to our London offices at least once a month.

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Role Descriptions:


You will be put in charge of co-ordinating the day to day running of part of one of the Avisami projects. You will have a budget, a small workforce and an idea to implement however you see fit, under the guidance of our Directors.

Skills required:

  • Be a team player
  • Have good ICT and Internet skills
  • Be able to pick up new concepts quickly
  • Be able to interface with and speak to other people
  • Be able to use initiative





You will be in charge of promoting ideas and selling our products to other businesses and consumers in our target audience. You will need to be indispensable and available to speak to a wide range of people up and down the country, so being able to drive will be looked on favourably. Work will typically involve regular briefing sessions followed by 'sales sessions' pushing an idea to the customer. This summer you will be placed at carnivals, conferences and some other high profile events.

Skills required:

  • Advanced personal skills
  • Being able to sell anything
  • Being available for extended trips within the UK
  • Have good ICT and Internet skills


Content writers

You will be charged with creating and writing all the text Avisami needs to be able to communicate its ideas and services to potential clients and customers. We will often have to reach out to journalists and new colleagues as well as existing clients and online consumers. Not many people have a special relationship with the pen, so we're on the look out for people with a unique, witty and concise way of writing. You'll be writing press releases, draft business plans, sample contracts, training materials and online articles related to our projects. You will be working closely with Avisami's publicist.

Skills required:

  • Be able to pick up new concepts quickly
  • Have a knack for writing things quickly
  • Have good ICT and Internet skills
  • Be available and in the office in London at least once a week


Delivery people

Does what it says on the tin. You will need a bike or car for deliveries. You will also need to have the respective licenses (and proof) before you can start working. You'll only work evenings and will be rewarded for top quality service and good customer feedback.

Skills required: 

  • Must be able to find places quickly
  • Must be available to work evenings and nights
  • Must be able to speak to customers politely.


Tech Guys

Anyone with any kind of technical awareness will be trained to setup websites in short timeframes for our clients. We work extensively with the Drupal content management system and Graphics packages like Photoshop to setup online presences. This job will be remotely done and so anyone anywhere can do it, after attending training sessions in our London or Oxford office. This is a 'per project' job so is ideal for students looking for some extra cash throughout the year.

Skills required: 

  • Must be Internet savvy
  • Must be able to work quickly and independently
  • Must be able listen well and carry out specific requests


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