What we do

Avisami is about providing services, for businesses and for you, the consumer. We aim to provide whatever service you need, that doesn't exist yet. Whether it be a cheap web company who can cover the online needs of your SME, or provide for a mass leaflet drop of your new business project, or even deliver Nando's to your door, Avisami is doing it one way or another.


Avisami Projects


At the moment, we're looking to incorporate the following projects:


Initiated in 2012

The current cohort of 16 – 24 year olds are facing a tough time getting into employment, education and training. At the same time Charitable organisations and Not-for-profits in the UK are suffering from a funding crisis caused by drastic cuts in public funding. It’s time to start connecting the dots and allowing youth to access those near them, whose charitable objects will help them fulfil their destiny and make an informed decision on their next step.

The will be the main project in the Avisami Foundation. At Avisami, our key word has always been OPPORTUNITY.

For more info, visit this.isMyNextStep.co.uk or e-mail this@isMyNextStep.org.uk.


A&M Consult


Marketing is the biggest cost to business after people, so it’s important for all businesses, from start-ups to established companies. Small businesses don't have thousands of pounds to spend on a new ad campaign or a website. We facilitate affordable website solutions for new businesses hoping to establish a presence quickly and effortlessly. Each project is unique and we quickly work to ensure that you are up and running with a site that best represents you.

A&M Consult also offer print solutions to small businesses looking to print vast quantities of business card, flyers or stickers. We also design and provide tarpaulin banners and pretty much anything you'll need for your marketing campaign. Our roster of services include:

  • Website Design, Development and Management
  • Social Media Guidance and Advice
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Submission
  • Blog Design & Maintenance
  • Print Design & Printing
  • Logo Design

For more info, visit aandmconsult.com or e-mail enquiries@aandmconsult.com.



Initiated in 2010, launch TBD

Sometimes it’s late or you're tired, and walking all the way to McDonald's isn't what you want to do. In fact, you wouldn’t mind paying a few quid for someone to pick it up and bring it straight to your door. But Nando's, McDonalds, Burger King, GBK etc. offer takeaway menus, and don't deliver. That's where WiD comes in. Give us a call, tweet us an order or order online, pay by PayPal and your order comes straight to your door, according to your delivery instructions. We've piloted the scheme in Oxford and will be commencing the full service in Oxford. We're looking to pilot the scheme in Birmingham within a 3-mile radius in soon, so watch this space....

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So is there a service you would like to see? Or is there a service you have an idea for, but don't have the means to implement? Get in touch today, speak to our team and we'll see if we can provide what you need. Our main focus in 2012 & 2013 will be the Avisami Foundation.

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